Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tiny Pill Jar, Tiny Pills

Two by two they come through here, marching, singing, swearing. Waving a banner and expecting free lunches. When it gets dark I'll turn the lights out and they'll expect a bedtime story.

Naked from the waist everywhere

I don't like getting home and finding you like that, finding you in the middle of something like that. Someone like that.

they tell me i have nice cheekbones, but i'd rather have a great ass

there were no hesitation wounds. just a deep plunge into the heart.

I predict the past

If you're gonna be here then let's make sure not to waste all our time talking.

Embrace me while we listen to this song I wrote

Lean in closer and I will tell you the secret of why it so hard to be away from you.

you'll have tall, handsome sons

meiotic cell reproduction is twice as sexy as mitosis. but you wouldn't know dick about sexy, buddy.

Breeze prediction

If I had a stutter I would sing a lot more.

Half Sentry

i like to try out new things that i haven't tried out before, like water polo. i always wanted to know how the horses could swim with people on their backs.

Revel Force

It will be a cold day in hell.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

my head is a more intense version of my face

the universe can keep expanding for all i care.

brunch is breakfast with liquor

what a night this is turning out to be. everyone is doing so well. everyone is failing to disappoint. all over the world, people are doing good. just good, good, and more good. so much good that the good is doubling over into doubly good. super super super good. i want to smile more, that's how good. good good good good good good good good good. i typed all those letter by letter instead of pasting because that's just how good good good this night has turned out to be. so good. the good, the good, the good. i even got good cards. i even talked to the spirits of the dead.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Presidential grace

i'd wait for you for a million years, but i'd trade you for a good sponge bath.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bent Lightyear

Sure. Sure, you can look at it from many angles. But how many ways can you look at it from the same angle? Can you remain at one vantage point but see differentses? The differences will round you.


Coming or going? Same difference.

Simultaneous bastards

All i hear is a static, a fuzz, blanketing everything. Same when i wake up or when i go to sleep. Same static when i'm alone or when i'm around people. Same static when people hurt me. Same static when i hurt people.

ok, i'll admit that i really don't understand

when i pray, i think i really am talking to god but that he's not listening because he already knows what i'm going to say and has already turned me down. i'm not even asking for anything.

death is the road to mortality

when you think about your parents dying, it really runs the gamut. it's not just that they gave you life, but they've got that lockbox with all your papers in it. you can't be trusted with those papers.
what, you think a safety deposit box will do? get real.

your voice fades as you walk away

If you're not gonna join the bandwagon, i'm not gonna join either. Get it? That's what i like about you. You're willing to go there with me. We wanna visit that country, but we don't wanna live there.

i lost my politician to a virginity

"are you ok?" "are you ok?" "are you ok?"
simper simper simper.
dandy fucking daisy fucking pansy fucking trampoline.

grinding against each other in the bathroom upstairs

No matter how much I hear about the circular nature of the universe, it still pleases me to think of everything in a straight line, a single dimension that stretches out forever without recursing.
I think of you ending every time.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

lust is my favorite narcotic

i wandered down the brick road barefoot. my soles turned brown to brown to brown to black to bloody to worn to bloody to black to frozen to falling clean off. i felt bad i'd lopped off his hands. i just wish he'd left a note.

filtered like plankton through baleen

if you make four left turns, you end up where you are.

Song Against Sex

if you put the magnets out, your muscles realign to magnetic north. i wanna show you my leg, like the lady with the super friends. i wanna hang out by the escalator.
it was days later, and i forgot my skirt. sometimes i just walk around going 'how much enough is enough?'


she says it's fine and we need to stop worrying about the money. i really want my roommate mark, he's got these eloquent powers. i don't want to exploit that. i honestly think i see shadows and things. i was like, ok. she goes, she's saying, she's just saying stop crying. that's all i got. next day i realize i would cry all the time about my grandma. like once or twice a week. she died of really real heartbreak, so it's like i always cry. it's like..maybe. shut your trap.
it's class, class incarnate.


Sometimes if I'm at a bar and a girl asks me for my number I'll give her a number that's one digit off, and wonder if she'll make the necessary mistake.

Blew it open

Who the fuck is pitching in this game?

a Triumph of man over nature

Times were a lot different back then. You could say certain things you can't say now, you could do certain things. I'm not saying it was better, by any means, but it was certainly different. Women, for instance.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Keep your hat on

When they said "We don't think she'll make it" I went outside for a tall glass of orange juice. I prefer "Some Pulp" and "Not From Concentrate". I yawned two or three times. The everclear was starting to kick in but wasn't nearly enough to make me forget. I went back inside and forgot what we were talking about.

Yes Cancer!

I mounted my catches on the wall for all to see: moose, marlin, child.

Between 1 and 300 minutes

Just let me remove this sign that says "don't talk to me at all" and we'll continue our conversation.

Pure mourning

When you died young, I thought to myself.

Placid Paradise

The third one in a row came by and I knew something was wrong, but I never knew how deep it would go, how thoroughly it would change me and everyone I knew in that place. Everything is so awful now.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

No additional information

Big deal. It smells really good. Big deal, man.

It's my birthday today, just like it was yesterday

I realized something last night.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Better than you

if i could've told you the tree was going to fall, i would have. as it is, your roof needed replacing anyway. it's not my fault you cancelled your insurance. it's not my fault your children were upstairs.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

the most destructive thing

Screaming as you enter, wrecking months of plans, a beautiful screaming bitch, your Wilhelm shakes me baby.

Friday, June 13, 2008

I remind you of someone

Something about you brings me a little pain. Stick your key in my ignition. I will minister to you to everyone to everything you can think of. Whats that you say. Whats that you're carrying. Don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to, little duckling. Don't expect an easy life and don't bring your troubles to a dark man's door.

Alphabet Soup

What he said wasn't necessarily vulgar. It wasn't necessarily rude, or crude, or incessant, or incessant. What I told him wasn't necessarily ok, it wasn't necessarily out loud. What he said wasn't necessarily the right thing, wasn't necessarily necessary. It wasn't like a peaceful man in a tie-dyed shirt. It was along the lines of a priest screaming at a defrocking convention. There are black holes in space, and there are evil people who walk the earth.

They decide what they become, the black holes. The evil people, they're the ones who are already chosen.

Incoherent rage

There's a place inside all of us, a dark little hole that we try to fill with images and sound. That hole don't fill, son.

Nothing like some Thai food after a hard move.

the snake was in the shake. the shake was in the lake. the lake was choppy. the float, the capsize, the dulcet tones of a whining anorexic.

Spiral Henningitis

I was almost as happy when you showed up as when you left the day prior.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I always thought I'd wait until I was pregnant to get married. I always thought the Easter Rabbit would sweep me off my feet.

Friday, June 6, 2008


Triple that and you've got me.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bizarro Zarro Land

The reflection of a 4th dimensional object, the complex angles, the unseeable directions

Song Sex

A moon so big and delicious you just wanted to take a bite out it. Big cookie moon.
I miss you.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dare to Dream

Is there any end to the fawning?

World Without End

I want to hear some FUCKING NOISE you motherfuckers

Untied 94

Sometimes, you just find yourself singing. On Canadian television.

Pant, Suit

Monday, June 2, 2008

A duck in a jet engine

  1. Strapped to a jet engine
  2. Sucked through like a duck
  3. Tortured with chocolates
  4. Lost
  5. An oar for an arm
  6. Help with the rafting
  7. Tears may be sudden
  8. A clambake is nigh